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Get started with all the little steps to reduce the personal impacts on the environment.
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Not sure how you can get started on making a difference on the environment?
From small steps to daily routines, you’ll find here a few tips which can help you getting started.

The zero waste map (in Hamburg)

  • Bio / Unverpackt Laden
  • Markets
  • Second-hand shops
  • Repair Cafés and Flohmärkte (check out the dates)
  • Zero Waste Cafés

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Who are we?

Website and texts:
Marion Deslot

Frenchie living in Hamburg for a few years, I wanted to share my thoughts on how to engage on becoming more ecological with easy steps and as an introduction on the different aspect of our daily life. I’ve listed the tips and addresses I enjoy in Hamburg to support you with it.
You can also have a look on my articles to simply implement new practices wherever you live!
After “flygskam” (“shame of flying) in 2019 or the impact of digital consumption gaining more coverage in 2020, my approach was to give some easy tips you can pick in the direction you want.

Léa Le Floc’h

Noémie Deslot

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